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How Do You Help Senior School Students Overcome Exam Anxiety?

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We are in that inevitable time of the year when the exam pressure mounts up, slowly building stress in students to do well in school and secure admission to a good college. Board exams have emerged as the be-all-end-all for students taking the test. As responsible parents and teachers, the first step is to help students relax their mind and calm their senses in their academic journey as they prepare for the Board Exams.

While it is completely normal to feel anxious before exams, some students may find it hard to concentrate, memorize or face feelings of dread combined with physical symptoms like nausea, headaches or racing heartbeats. In times like these, it is important to take deep breaths and follow these simple tips to sail through board exams stress-free.

Effectively plan a routine – A daily routine plan helps to prepare effectively. A good study schedule listing subjects to be revised while allocating time for each helps to feel confident as the exam date approaches. Following a time table is one of the best ways to effectively manage time and beat exam stress.

Keep calm – Take some time off every day to do what relaxes you. Meditate, read a book, listen to music or watch a movie. Cultivate confidence, calm your senses and avoid distractions like talking to people who weigh their expectations on you. This will increase your productivity and focus and also maintain a healthy attitude.

Note making – Prepare notes for each topic. It helps students immensely while studying. You can either jot down important points or highlight them in the textbook. It helps to learn quickly and also manage revision time better.

Eat and sleep well – A well-balanced diet and a good night sleep relieves the stress and helps build focus. For your brain to function efficiently, it is necessary to eat healthily and rest adequately to avoid stress, fatigue and burnout. A healthy routine will keep your mind and body refreshed.

Set your academic goals – To maintain the momentum, setting practical goals is essential. Set your daily and weekly tasks to focus and prepare better for exams. This also allows apportioning adequate time to revise and practice questions.

Take mock tests – As the exam dates get closer, taking mock tests not just makes you more confident but also helps you prepare for the exam as they require a strategy to tackle different types of questions.

The above tips can considerably help students manage stress and anxiety by focusing on their foundation. Parents and educators must encourage them to play outdoors, take short breaks, engage in spontaneous and stimulating discussions and provide a positive environment to study during board exams. A balanced approach towards exams is all that one needs to come out of flying colours in exams.

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