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Back To School In The New Normal For High Schoolers

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Schools are set to reopen. There’s a wave of emotion surging through anxious parents and students that comes with starting of school in times unlike any other we’ve experienced in the past. As the pandemic continues to sweep across the country, schools, educators and students are navigating the new normal of going back to school. While there is some uncertainty on how smoothly we sail through this phase but what we are certain about is the fact that going back to school is going to be a very unique experience for our students. Amidst safety protocols and government guidelines, SSVM, the top school in Coimbatore is starting physical classes for 10th and 12th graders where students will be allowed to partially attend classes, for a restricted number of hours. The hardest part of missing school, especially for 12th graders is to not be able to experience the idea of being the senior-most students on the campus. Added to that are the extended learning sessions, group projects, academic workshops and co-curricular activities that every student actively enjoys in their final year of schooling.

We understand your sentiments and wish to provide a similar environment that you can thoroughly enjoy before the pass of this academic year, albeit briefly. Between a lot of worries, health and safety must be running high on your minds. Isn’t it?

Cold feet, anxious hearts and a little fear – the emotions are quite understandable!

But let us assure you that SSVM, one of the best boarding schools in Coimbatore, is taking the highest precautions to get your school ready to welcome you back. As an institution that places student health and education as the top priority, SSVM is taking extra care to ensure that schooling in the new normal is a delightful experience for its high schoolers.

We have adopted a 10-point preventive measure program aligned to the SOP guidelines published by the Government of India. These measures will be strictly observed by teachers, students and other SSVM staff at all times.

  1.  Physical distancing of at least 6 feet to be followed between 2 people as far as feasible
  2. Use of face shields and masks are mandatory
  3. Frequent hand washing with soap (for at least 40seconds) even when hands are visibly clean, preferably after every period
  4. Use of alcohol-based hand sanitizers to be used wherever feasible (for at least 20seconds)
  5. Spitting in the campus is strictly prohibited 
  6. Respiratory etiquettes must be followed. This involves strict practice of covering one’s mouth and nose while coughing or sneezing with a clean tissue, handkerchief or flexed elbow and disposing off used tissues immediately.
  7. Self-monitoring of health is important. Reporting any illness to the teacher is key.
  8. Before school opens, daily cleaning and deep sanitization of all surfaces in the demonstration labs, classrooms, library and other utility areas will be done.
  9. Regular sanitization will be carried across the campus throughout the day.
  10. Common assemblies, sports and events that can lead to overcrowding are strictly prohibited.

Self-vigilance at all times will equally ensure that proper hygiene standards are met. We all have emerged stronger than before with a greater appreciation for positivity and resilience. During this tough time, we have seen our families, schools and community institutions harnessing innovation toward a more equitable and relevant learning ecosystem for young learners. And we did well! It is time now to empower our mind and body with lessons learnt during this time and transition to the next step.

We are excited to welcome you back into our campus, watch the brilliant minds discuss ideas and information, and bring alive the spirit of SSVM.

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