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e-Learning Platform

SSVM has created well- planned home engagement modules and online classes for all subjects.

Amid COVID- 19 outbreak, SSVM has begun the new academic session as scheduled, albeit digitally. We began resorting to online classes, assignments and live classes for secondary and senior secondary students. Many tools and techniques are being used by teachers, such as live classes with students in attendance, recorded lectures, online worksheets, app updates. We share productive activities for students of Kindergarten to grade 8, which involve online links, daily tips, fun quizzes based on vocabulary and mental Mathematics.

Lessons for grades X and XII students started on March 21, and those for other grades also started simultaneously as a fun-filling and engaging activities. We conducted trials among the teachers’ community and launched the teacher-student model in sizeable ratio.  The desired time slot has been allotted to each teacher to do online classes. The schedule and planned syllabus are sent to the students in advance. Teachers are keeping track of daily attendance, classwork, homework and assessment. The existing school app portal and class groups are being used to share worksheets, activities and fun games with students at all levels.

Students used this opportunity to connect online and clarify doubts, interact with teachers, access resources shared by the teacher during separate sessions

We aim to simplify creating, distributing and grading assignments in a paperless way

SSVM group of Schools have switched to virtual classrooms amid the lockdown over rising cases of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19). Hence, we have adopted e-learning for our students to compensate for days missed due to the lockdown.

SSVM has enabled teachers and students to share and access lessons, study material and submit assignments online. Parents are pleased as children are getting regular lessons and assignments from their teachers.

Inspired education for the digital age

The timeframe includes enhancing practical communication skills, experiential learning, and doing activities designed as self-learning lessons, webinars and assignments posted on learning portals

Innovative Content

Teachers are also sharing some self-explanatory videos to get them to understand the concept and purpose of the study.

Social Distancing

Online learning is the best way to educate children, keeping in mind to ensure social distancing amid clousre of schools due to COVID 19

Hands On Experiences

Students between grades one and eight are engaged with hands-on activities.

Planned Timeframe

SSVM students are following a daily timetable of two to five hours of home study according to their class levels

Exploring diverse, innovative ways to support students online

With this increased focus on digital learning, students will be accessing subject-related content online.

To offer highly effective as well as a relaxed learning environment.

To provide flexible but systematic scheduling

Direct teacher feedback

Parents and students are contented with these online classes.

They call it a productive initiative and are gradually familiarizing themselves with it. However, the students still miss School and their friends.

To conclude, the biggest priority for both the School and parents is keeping students safe against COVID-19 but not away from learning. Hence these online classes provide every student with a continuous learning process.

Parents get a chance to observe the child's home-learning process.

Real-time student monitoring and corresponding reports by the parents

Parents become mentors at home for students and monitor them and get them complete the work assigned to them.

Teachers and parents work hand-in-hand toward every child's progressive learning journey.

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