International Cambridge Director’s Visit | SSVM Cambridge Campus

On 29 March 2023, the meeting with Mr Arun Rajamani, Managing Director, Cambridge University Press & Assessment, Ms Elizabeth Cater, Director, Global Marketing, Cambridge University Press & Assessment, Mr Ian Harris, Director, Brand, Communications and Advocacy, Cambridge University Press & Assessment, Mr Mahesh Srivastava, Regional Director, Cambridge University Press & Assessment, and Mr Dilip Kottapadath, Senior Regional Manager, Cambridge University Press & Assessment, was truly insightful.

As part of the meeting, we shared our experience with offering Cambridge qualifications. We discussed what motivated our school to adopt the Cambridge programme. Additionally, we discussed how our teachers and parents responded to the program, and how popular the Cambridge programme is in our region. Also, we discussed how the Cambridge programme helped our learners both academically and socially.

The team also visited SSVM World School | A Cambridge International School. We took them on a campus tour and had an enlightening interaction with global representatives from Cambridge University Press and Assessment. 

Thanks to Cambridge University Press and Assessment for periodically visiting us, reviewing our qualifications and programmes, and keeping us updated. SSVM’s association with Cambridge International is marked by exceptional quality and we are proud of it

At SSVM, we believe in nurturing our students with the environment and opportunities they need to succeed from a young age. We are proud to share that our student Nivitha Shree of Grade 12 has achieved an impressive 4th rank at the International Space Olympiad.

Nivitha began her journey with us as a kindergarten student and has been part of our school family ever since. She has always been an active participant in all activities throughout her academic journey at SSVM and went on to become our School People Leader.

Her success is a testament to her dedication, hard work, and the supportive community at our school. Congratulations, Nivitha, and best wishes for your future endeavours!