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Founder & Managing Trustee

  • Best Women Entrepreneur 2015
  • Smt.Manimekalai Mohan
  • Angel Of Change
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Times change and in them, we too change. Perhaps nothing in this world is permanent except change. With the right perceptions an educational institution can envision the infinite and set trends in the right direction. An Institution thereby, has the awesome mission of training minds, not to submit meekly to fate but to become masters of fate - to make more opportunities than what the world offers. The natural consequence of this positive attitude is a heightened curiosity, a vigorous mind and a sublime life.

SSVM which has adopted this attitude, has made available an infrastructure that is in tune with the educational requisites for the future, and worthy to make a nation proud. School cannot rest on its laurels though, for to rest is to withdraw from the race. SSVM envisages what the children require to be equipped with to march forward in the Millenium, even as the winds of change sweep across the world.

Vast changes have been affected and many more are to come, for the school is committed to the sacred mission of education. As we hurtle into new centuries, material prosperity will gain precedence over what is good and true. The values that have stood the test of time will continue to be the primary force sustaining the wards. Training in religious and moral principles, gentlemanly qualities and intellectual abilities must find their apportioned places in an educational system if formation is to be complete.

SSVM desires that the children have not only well developed minds and bodies but well developed hearts. For, 'What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world but suffers the loss of his own soul?' It is with this philosophy and this attitude that SSVM goes forward into the new century, not just to conquer or to achieve but to change the world.