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Top school in Ooty,Mettupalayam

About Us

We are a co-educational, residential CBSE institution. We aim to facilitate a holistic development to our students.

We help our students to develop a sense of love and respect for people, nature and other things around them. In this process, we balance academics, PSED (Personal Social Emotional Development) and co-curricular activities.


We provide a well-planned proactive learning environment. Every single day in school adds value to their education.


We help our students realize the importance of relationships. We guide them in interaction with their peers and teachers. We also help them to manage their feelings and behavior and nurture their self-confidence and self-awareness. Thus, we help them in their Personal, Social and Emotional Development.

Co-curricular activities

We introduce our students to and encourage them in various co-curricular activities, which would focus on their physical and creative skills developments.