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SSVM Institutions

Education requires willingness, more than abilities

An initiative of SSVM to provide education for all. Athma Seva, along with curriculum, inculcates confidence to lead an independent life and spreads the message of hope to all. Here, one can witness empowered and challenging pupils with a happy, satisfying and equally competitive life.


“A total commitment is paramount to Reaching the ultimate performance And the price of success is pure Hard Work.”

Activities Report- 2017 - 2018

Challenger’s Day: It was celebrated on 4th December, 2017, headed by our Trustee Mr. S. Mohan Doss as the Chief Guest and Mrs. S. Maheshwari, the Headmistress welcomed the gathering. A spectacular cultural programme was presented by our children from the Special Unit highlighting the achievements made by the specially challenged personalities. The Chief Guest explained the reasons for the birth of special children and its preventions. Sports Achievement: Special Athletic events for special children were held at Karunya University on 26th October, 2017. We feel proud to record that our children bagged OVERALL SECOND POSITION out of children from 15 schools participated. They bagged 5 GOLD, 6 SILVER and 5 BRONZE medals.

Challenger’s Day: It was celebrated with considerable enthusiasm on 3rd December, 2015. The Managing Trustee Dr. Manimekalai Mohan and the trustee Mr. S. Mohan Doss graced the function. Children presented mind blowing cultural programmes. They brought out the theme on ‘Keeping the environment clean’, ‘Render Helping Hand to the Poor and Aged People.’ 2011-2012 In the year beginning in ‘sports day’ function the ‘Aathma Seva”, special students played excellently and won the prizes. During “Varna Utsav” function, new gardening and vegetables planting training was given to differently abled students. Our Aathma Seva students won the state level second place in sports competition which was held at Karunya University and Vidya Vikashini .Differently abled students did cultural programme , students emphasized on the awareness of our Indian Army, Hard work, Importance of Agriculture, Self products, etc. They also emphasized on the importance of library and guidance every week. Mr.Thirugnana Sambandam distributed special prizes to differently- abled students. 2010-2011

Challenger’s Day: Challenger’s Day was celebrated on 8thDecember, 2010. Our Managing Trustee Dr.ManimekalaiMohan chaired the function. Headmistress, Aathma Seva Unit welcomed the gathering. The messages “Misuse of Cellphone” and “Good habit of reading books” were excellently brought on the stage by Our Children. They also enacted dance drama depicting various aspects of life style. Mr. S. Mohan Doss, the Trustee graced the function. 2009 - 2010

Challenger’s Day: Challengers’ Day was celebrated on 8thDecember, 2009. Dr. Manimekalai Mohan, Managing Trustee was the Chair person, Mrs. G. Thilakavathi, I.P.S. was the Chief Guest. She boosted the morale of the children by citing examples from mythology.

2008 - 2009 Challenger’s Day: Challengers’ Day was celebrated at our school on 3rdDecember, 2008. Mrs. Maheshwari welcomed the gathering. Kalaimamani Shri. S. R. Krishnamurthy, a famous carnatic musician, who is physically challenged, was the Chief Guest. He emphasized the fact that there is no need to consider anyone as handicapped. Everyone is enthused with a kind of capability. Dr. Manimekalai Mohan, Managing Trustee presided over t he function. Mr. S. Mohan Doss, Trustee felicitated the Chief Guest. The children appeared on the stage to highlight the themes like, ‘Donate Eye’, ‘Blood Donation’, ‘Protect the elders’, ‘Donate liberally to social service units.’

2007 - 2008 World disability day was celebrated at our school on 3rd December, 2007. Mrs. S. Maheshwari welcomed the gathering. Kalaimamani Shri. S. R. Krishnamurthy, a famous carnatic musician, who is physically challenged, was the Special Guest and he adorned the stage with his incredible talents. He made a note in the visitor’s book using his mouth which made everyone stunned. It is noteworthy that SSVM is maintaining separate special Unit catering to the needs of physically and mentally disabled children. There are nearly 45 students being taken care of by the well trained teachers. For every five students there is one teacher. Mr. G. Raja, the Judicial Magistrate, Mettupalayam was the Chief Guest. Dr. Manimekalai Mohan, the Chairperson presided over the function and Mr. MohanDdoss, the Trustee felicitated the valuable guests. Children from Special Unit appeared on the stage with different types of costumes representing Mother India, former President of India, Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, Swami Vivekananda, Astronaut Sunita Williams, Poet Subramania Barathiyar and Mother Theresa.

Sports Meet: Our special children participated in district level sports on 22ndFebruary, 2008. Twenty two special schools participated in this sports meet. Our special Unit was awarded 2nd place in the District Level Sports Meet.


* Individualized educational programme.

* Proper grouping and classification of the mentally retarded children on the basis of the degree of severity of their retardation.

* Curriculum methods of teaching and tools for evaluation are adjudged according to their individual needs.

* Greater emphasis is placed in Co-curricular experiences for learning the ways for their emotional and social adjustments, imbibing moral virtues and desirable personal habits.

* Children are trained for manual work, crafts and specialized vocations in keeping pace with their abilities.

* Guidance and counseling will be given to the parents for their children’s future improvements.

* Our hearing impaired children are given speech oriented subjects as follows:

* Tamil * Mathematics * Reading * Lip-reading * Auditory training *

Co-curricular activities in Standard Level

. SSVM has specially designed and organized a special unit to cater to the needs of physically challenged children. Screening programme is conducted periodically or regularly for the children ageing from 1 to 11 years.

In ‘Aathma Seva’ special unit children are given free education and also are being made to participate in all school functions with normal children. Special Unit Children participated in Sports Meet 2008 and prizes were distributed by our Managing Trustee and the Padmashri P.T. Usha. UDIS forum with Sarathi Parents Association conducted “Self Advocacy” Training programme for Mentally Retarded children.

Self Advocacy means to “protect themselves and express their Right.” The participants became more receptive, expressive in skills and shared their experience. They also learnt yoga and realizing their rights. The prestigious unit started for the special children has crossed many successful years. Around 115 children have been spending their precious time here to augment their knowledge. Keeping in mind the IQ level of the children, a special lesson plan has been prepared and used by the eminent teachers to ease the comprehension level. Special speech therapy is given to deaf and dumb students. After their successful results they are admitted in normal schools for their future education.

Job Training: For the special children above 14 years, a suitable job training is being provided as per the wish of their parents. After their triumphant training, they are placed in an appropriated role according to their skill. Many such successful personalities are working at our school also. The dedicated teachers also visit every village to identify the special children and explain the importance of providing special training to such students. They also visit the home of the severely retarded once in a week to impart an effective and special training to them. Such training sessions are termed as “Home Based Training Programme”. Also an exclusive learning programme related to cookery and Gardening is also provided to adult special students at the basic level. Greater importance is also attached towards Yoga and Meditation to calm down their mind and to increase the vitality of their body.